Legal notice – La Fabrique Royale
Legal notice

Site owner : La Fabrique Royale.
Address : 71 Rue des Martyrs 75018 Paris, France.
Represented by : Mr Franklin Roulot.

The only personal datas that are susceptible to be collected on the website are web emails. They are collected with the willing communication of users wishing to receive a response to what they ask.

La Fabrique Royale commits to reserve these addresses at this only usage and guarantees the datas confidentiality, that they with no case cede or make accessible to third party entity. In application of the French law “Information et libertés” (modified law of the 6th January of 1978), you have a right of opposition (art. 38), access (art. 39, 41, 42), edit (art. 40) and delete of datas about you.

Property of the website

The whole website and the developped databases are the property of La Fabrique Royale.
The content of this website is protected by the the low in force in the field of Property Intellectual Law and of author right. It’s subject to article L. 122-4 of the Intellectual Property Code. Every not authorized reproduction or distribution of this website informations is strictly forbidden. The content is available only for a private use and not collective.

With the L. 122-5.2° and 3°a articles, the Intellectual Property Code allows on one hand copies or reproductions reserved to private use and not to collective use and on the other hand the analysis and short quotes in an example or illustration goal.
Every integral or partial representation or reproduction made without the consent of the author, of his assigns or successors is illicit (art. L. 122-4). This representation or reproduction, made by every process whatsoever, constitues therefore a counterfeit sanctioned by the L. 335-2 and followings laws of the Intellectual Property Code.

The website user of La Fabrique Royale commits itself to respect the intellectual property rules of various contents offered by the website and to not reproduce, resume, edit, alter or rebroadcast whithout the authorization of La Fabrique Royale whether article, title, application, software, logo, brand, information, picture or photography for another usage than private, that excludes every reproduction to professional goal or diffusion to a number of people, to not copy a part of the websie on another website or an intern company network.

Links establishment

A hypertext link to La Fabrique Royale website can be placed in all websites except those that are polemical, pornographical, xenophobic or up to , in a larger context , harm the sensibility of people.
The databases are protected by the 1st July 1998 Law and the French State of Author Right.

The website can link up to other websites. These links are not under the La Fabrique Royale control and can , therefore , change or be updated.