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Outreach initiatives


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Territory project

“Projet START” is a tool conceived by La Fabrique Royale to accompany and develop synergies on territories between local players, inhabitants and their representatives though dynamic cultural, artistical and sportive projects.

Keywords of the project

==> sportivs and artists resident around new movements in Saint-Ouen

==> Initiations & demonstrations of emerging practices: freerun, freestyle football, longboard dancing, slackline, double dutch, urban dances, electric mobility, street art during the “The Event” festival in Levallois

==> Exercises in style and oral expression with college students from Colombes

==> Awareness of artistic techniques, and expression by Street-art, with high school students of Châtenay-Malabry

==> Cultural exhibition “Papier SVP” in Levallois, by the street artist “Kongo”.

==> “The art of engagement, engage in art”, give voice to young citizens, through urban music with high school students Châtenay-Malabry.

==> Freerun / Circus meetings with the Fratellini Academy, as part of “Monumenta” at the Grand Palais de Paris

==> “Dimanche de la Canebière” with PK13 and French Freerun Family, in Marseille

==> Creation of Light Painting for the festival Lumières, at the “Cité des Sciences” / Carrefour Numérique in Paris

Moral Values


New culture

Initiate people to new thinkings with the involvement of our artists in street art, freerun, board sport, dances and urban pratics.

>> Watch a video of our workshops for the official openning of the “Embarcadère” d’Aubervilliers


New audiences

Share unique and precious moments with local population on exhibition mediations and awareness actions. Build up a real and strong social link on new territories.

>> Watch the video of the artistic and sports activities in Saint-Ouen.


New territory

Creating quality events based on our expertise. Adapted structures and talented artists are tools to dynamize a city and help to enlight the territories.
>> Watch in video our participative creation of the 0 ° show, with the schoolchildren and inhabitants of Caen.

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Download our catalog in French